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technology. The technological infrastructure of educational
institutes should also rely on Free Software.
We further explain why we need Free Software in eduction in our
<a href="/freesoftware/education/argumentation.html">argumentation
page</a>. You might also be interested in our <a href="/activities/childrensbook/index.html">children&#39;s
book</a> about Free Software, our <a href="/activities/yh4f/index.html">coding competition</a> for
teenagers, or a <a href="/freesoftware/education/">campaign</a>
(DE) about Free Software in education. You can also help us
collect material introducing programming to childen by adding
information in our <a href="">wiki</a>.
If you agree that students should learn Free Software and schools
should use Free Software, feel free to share this page. Support
Free Software in Education for a future generation with better
programmers and better citizens.
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<li><a href="">Advocate's wiki</a></li>
<li><a href="/about/printable/">Spread our edu leaflets</a></li>
<li><a href="">Add material to Programming for Children</a></li>