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<title>FSFE - Service Offering</title>
<h1>Service Offering</h1>
Free Software is rapidly evolving. As it takes its place in the
technology mainstream, businesses need to keep up with the latest
developments in policy, licensing and industry governance in order to
make the most of their opportunities.
In this effort, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is your
partner. We help you stay on top of the complex processes in Free
Software and Open Standards. From our vantage point as an independent,
highly professional non-governmental organisation, FSFE is uniquely
well placed to help you turn those opportunities into successes.
FSFE offers you personalised information, when and where you need
it. Whether you prefer regular updates or have a specific question
that needs answering, FSFE is there for you. We are also happy to
offer tailor-made service packages on request.
Interested? Get in touch with FSFE's Executive Director <a href="">Christian Holz</a>
to find out more.
The proceeds from these services support FSFE's work of creating
awareness for Free Software, securing Free Software politically and
legally, and giving people freedom by building an environment where
Free Software can reach its full potential.
<dt><a href="com-pkg-details.html#Dinner">Annual Kickoff and
Retrospective FSFE Networking Dinners</a></dt>
The annual FSFE networking dinners bring
together key supporters and representatives
from industry, education, politics and the
legal community to network and exchange
information, ideas, and experiences.
<dt><a href="com-pkg-details.html#Hotline">Free Software Hotline</a></dt>
Through its Hotline service, FSFE enables
subscribers to access the core team of FSFE
who will stay on top of the issue and deliever
an answer within a short period of time.
<dt><a href="com-pkg-details.html#Call">Bi­monthly Update Call</a></dt>
Concise and to the point, FSFE's president
or another member of the senior staff will
highlight the major issues and happenings in
Free Software and also address questions
from the subscribers.
<dt><a href="com-pkg-details.html#Summary">Annual Summary of key issues
in Free Software</a></dt>
Senior FSFE staff meet for a two day
workshop to compile the most interesting and
important issues discussed and moved
forward during the previous year resulting in
a multi­faceted summary of all key issues
seen in Free Software in the previous year
throughout the world.
<dt><a href="com-pkg-details.html#Workshop">Personalized Workshop</a></dt>
Senior FSFE staff will provide a personalized,
one­day speech or workshop at a customer's premise or event.
<dt><a href="">Licensing and Legal Training / Consultancy</a></dt>
We provide training and consultancy on Free Software licensing and the strategic implementation of Free Software in business.
The services described here are basic services provided through the Free
Software Foundation e.V. (FSFE) to its corporate partners. FSFE reserves
the right to change or amend those products as it sees fit and change or
discontinue them at any time.
All quoted prices are excluding VAT. VAT may vary depending on country
and location of the customer.
Please download also the <a href="FSFE-Service-Offering.pdf">print version</a>.
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