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<title>Web Sprint report: where social and technical come together</title>
<h1>Web Sprint report: where social and technical come together</h1>
<p newsteaser="yes">Last week-end's <a href="">Web Sprint</a> in Manchester has been both an
opportunity to provide improvements for FSFE's web site, and a good occasion
to meet (new) people, get together and have a chat.</p>
<p>As a kick-off, the social event on Friday evening at
<a href="http://madlab.org.uk/">MadLab</a> allowed for various Free Softare
communities to meet and have a nice chat around a beer.</p>
<p>Saturday was dedicated to hacking, and many tickets were handled and
closed in a very short time. Participants went their ways on tasks
ranging from visual aspect to usability, not forgetting improvements on the
build process of the web site.</p>
<p>After a quality meal with sprinters on Saturday night, a beer in the
rainy Manchester and a good night of sleep, Sunday has also been full of
brainstorming and web site fiddling, bringing again improvements. These two
days noticeably brought us a nicer way of displaying author information (see
<a href="http://fsfe.org/projects/os/eifv2.html">this example</a>) as for
<a href="http://fsfe.org/campaigns/android/android.html">CC-license content</a>,
an automatic ID generation for titles in a page, so that you can <a href="">
point someone to a specific section of it</a>, as well as many other
improvements of course. A more comprehensive list of achievements can be
<a href="http://etherpad.fsfe.org/7OzqtljYzv">seen here</a>.</p>
<p>Thanks Sam for organising most of the sprint, and thanks to all
participants, among others Andreas, Ben, Anna, Hugo, Nicolas and James!
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