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Get candidates for this years’ European elections to make a standing for Free Software
Get candidates for this years’ European elections to make a standing for Free Software
<h2>Election results</h2>
<p newsteaser="yes">From May 22 to 25 in 2014 European citizens will vote for candidates standing for the European Parliament. This is an ideal time to engage with politicians with why Free Software matters. Help us to get the candidates across Europe to declare their support for Free Software.</p>
<p>April, a prominent Free Software association in the French speaking world, has launched the <a href="">Free Software Pact Initiative</a>. FSFE invites Free Software advocates in Europe to ask European elections candidates to sign this declaration of intent, and thereby take a stand for Free Software, in EU legislation for instance. By doing so, candidates will become aware of the importance of Free Software, and might multiply the message. In addition, you can also contribute by helping to <a href="">translate the Free Software pact</a>.</p>
<p>The European Digital Rights Organisation (EDRi) is running <a href=""></a>: a campaign to help European citizens to insist on their fundamental rights in the digital society: transparency, privacy, encryption, anonymity, control of surveillance and the “support [of] measures allowing or promoting widespread use of Free Software (Open Source Software). This includes government and public entities, in particular entities that receive funding from the EU budget.” The crucial part here is: you have to promise now to vote for candidates who signed or will sign the 10 point Charter of Digital Rights.</p>
<p>FSFE strongly supports both campaigns. “This is a very good way to show European politicians the ever growing community of Free Software advocates all over Europe. The more people participate in contacting parliamentary candidates, the more impact we will have” says Erik Albers, community coordinator of the Free Software Foundation Europe. Sam Tuke, FSFE’s campaign manager adds "signatures are a good way to take candidates at their word whenever there will be EU legislation to be passed that might endanger the existence or growth of Free Software.”</p>
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