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<h2>Implementing a country page</h2>
Implementing a country page won't take you long. England and Germany
country pages are a good example of what you can achieve easily and how.
You could start by copying one of these pages, and change the <var>countrycode</var>
variable to your country code:
Implementing a country page won't take you long.
<a href="/uk/uk.html">United Kingdom</a> and
<a href="/de/de.html">Germany</a> country pages are a good example
of what you can achieve easily and how.
<strong>1. </strong>
The very first thing to do is to create a folder with your country
code, e.g. "/de", "/uk" or "/it" in the root folder of the fsfe-web
svn (you will see other country folders there).<br/>
You may want to copy the three common files you'll find in already
existing country folders, e.g uk.en.xhtml, uk.xsl and uk.sources,
and of course rename them accordingly.
<strong>2. </strong>
You should not have to modify **.sources.
You want to change the <var>countrycode</var>
variable in the **.xsl file to your country code, modifying the
following line.
<p class="terminal">&lt;xsl:variable name="country-code"&gt;<var>xx</var>&lt;/xsl:variable&gt;</p>
<p class="terminal">&lt;xsl:variable name="country-code"&gt;<var>xx</var>&lt;/xsl:variable&gt;</p>
In the **.**.xhtml page, you should only change the
account, or deactivate it if your country team does not have one yet.
<p class="terminal">"user":"fsfeuk",</p>
Play further with this file if you want to change the display of
your country page.
<h3>Using the country-people-list template</h3>
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<p class="terminal">&lt;person id="mueller" member="yes" teams="main, de"&gt;</p>
People tagged with your country code will appear in your country
page's people list. (If you want to add a person that is not there yet,
be careful not to add him/her to the "main" team if he/she is not
a member of it).
For people's pictures, you want to put a 48*48 pixels picture in the
/about/<var>id</var>/ folder, named <var>id</var>-avatar.jpg (where
<var>id</var> is the id defined in /about/people/people.en.xml).