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<title>FSFE’s evaluation of the EU Parliament copyright report</title>
<h1>FSFE’s evaluation of the EU Parliament copyright report</h1>
<p newsteaser="yes">On July 6th, the European Parliament voted
on a report with a number of recommendations for copyright reform.
We present today <a href="/activities/policy/eu/20150918-Assessment-Of-The-Report-On-InfoSoc.en.html">our
evaluation</a> of how this could impact Free Software.</p>
<p>A first draft of the report was written by MEP Julia Reda
(Pirate Party) and consisted of a number of very sensible proposals
to adapt copyright law to the challenges of today. At the time we
<a href="we /activities/policy/eu/20150605-Comments-On-Reda-Report.html">
contacted</a> the Members of the European Parliament to highlight
the best features and suggest some improvements.</p>
<p>After going through a considerable amount of opposition and
amendments, the European Parliament approved the final version
of this document. Even if the report proposes some improvements
to the current legislative framework, it presents various setbacks
from the original draft and does not manage to completely solve
the major problems with the current copyright legislation. In
<li>the long overdue reform of copyright exceptions and
limitations is now limited to private copying</li>
<li>Digital Restriction Management (DRM) can still
unjustly keep exceptions from operating</li>
<li>publicly funded works are not contributed to the
public domain, nor published under free licences</li>
<p>You can also read
<a href=";reference=P8-TA-2015-0273&amp;language=EN">the full text of the report</a>. For further
information please visit <a href="">Julia
Reda’s website</a> or <a href=""></a>.</p>
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