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educative and exciting days in Brussels and socialise with fellow winners.
<h2>2022 Winners</h2>
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<a href="/news/2022/news-20221118-01.html">
<img src=""
alt="Four young people smiling holding trophies and participation certificates" /></a>
Four winners, Ekaterina, Miquel, Héctor, and Stavros, with their awards. Brussels, <a href="/news/2022/news-20221118-01.html">Award ceremony</a>, October 2022.
Last year was the first time that the YH4F took place. We had the
pleasure to receive many interesting and inspired projects from all
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winning projects</a> were inspiring.
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<img src=""
alt="A table with a tray and storage space coming out. On the right,
a wheelchair fits closely in front of the table, as the table has a
gap on the feet level. On the left, a young person holds the
controller of the table" />
"This contest for me is a real wonder. I think that giving young people the opportunity to show others what they have thought, created and suffered doing is very nice. I have been very comfortable throughout the process, the mentors have been very kind and understood all the effort."
<cite>Miquel, creator of the Smart Table Assistant. <a href="/news/2022/news-20221104-02.html">Interview with participants</a>.</cite>
<h2>Special thanks</h2>
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