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Draft internship position for student interns

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<title>2017 internship positions as student interns</title>
<h1>2017 internship positions as student interns</h1>
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FSFE is a charity dedicated to empowering users to control technology.
We are working to build freedom in digital society. We operate in a lively
environment with volunteers from many countries. We are looking for
students who can join our team in Berlin for three months as a mandatory
part of their studies or before graduation.</p>
What we can offer is:
<li>A challenging and exciting time with a dynamic NGO working internationally</li>
<li>A close-up view of organisational and community processes</li>
<li>A chance to take the initiative and put your own ideas into practice</li>
<li>The opportunity to meet and work with Free Software advocates across Europe </li>
What you'll do:
Contribute to <a href="/work.html">FSFE's ongoing projects</a>, working with one or more of our staff and volunteers.
Communicate with contacts from the FSFE community, NGO, industry, and public administrations.
Coordinate volunteers and others in the work on various projects.
General office tasks.
Find your own strengths, and do something you care about.
Be sure to read our pages about <a href="/contribute/internship">internships</a>
in general before applying!
<h2>Basic details</h2>
<strong>Location:</strong> Berlin, Germany. Please note the FSFE has no ability to help
with accommodation or travel, you will need to cover this yourself and
arrange this prior to your internship.</p>
<p><strong>Duration:</strong> 3 months full time at 35 hours per week, starting as agreed.</p>
<p><strong>Compensation:</strong> This internship is salaried with a basic salary of €450 per month.</p>
You should have some experience or a considerable interest in Free Software.
Your field of study doesn't matter, but you should be able to relate it to
our work. Traditionally, a lot of interns in the FSFE have a legal or
political science background, but we've also had interns working with us
with a more technical or other social science background.
<h2>Formal requirements</h2>
You must be fluent in English and will be required to show that you
can legally work in Germany; either by being an EU citizen, or
by having a residence and work permit for the duration. The FSFE
can not help you in getting either of these documents, but we will
accept them if you have them (for instance because you are studying
in Germany and are allowed to work).
You must also have a German tax number which you get by registering
with the residents registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in Germany.
This should ideally be done before starting the internship, or at
latest on the first days of your internship.
<h2>Application deadline</h2>
There is no fixed application deadline for these positions. We accept
interns regularly throughout the year, but to facilitate with our planning
and to increase the chances of us being able to accommodate you for an
internship, you should ideally send your application at least six months
before your intended starting date.
<h2>How to apply</h2>
Send your application containing a letter of motivation, a CV by e-mail
to Please make sure to write clearly you apply for
the internship position with reference SI-2017. We prefer to receive
your documents in PDF format.
<h2>Contact persons</h2>
If you have any questions about the position or any administrative
details in connection with it, you're welcome to contact:
<li>Jonas Öberg about the positions themselves, and the work involved</li>
<li>Ulrike Sliwinski for any administrative questions</li>
Both will be reading and responding if you send your question to the address. We look forward to reading your application!
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