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your area that want to become active too, you can form a group. We
will then spread the message so that Free Software enthusiasts in
your area can join. Have a look at our <a href="">how-to</a>,
and contact the <a href="">community
and contact the <a href="/about/people/partsafyllidou/">community
coordinator</a> to get started. Also, some of our groups have been <a href="">quiet lately</a>.
Still, you can try out contacting them and asking for a meeting if
you are feeling extra motivated.
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We want to make sure that the FSFE community is a safe space for
everyone. All groups accept and respect our <a
href="">code of conduct</a>.
href="/about/codeofconduct.html">code of conduct</a>.
We kindly ask all participants to be excellent to each other.