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<html newsdate="2013-12-13">
<title>160.000 Euro short for 2014</title>
<title>160,000 Euro short for 2014</title>
<h1>160.000 Euro short for 2014</h1>
<h1>160,000 Euro short for 2014</h1>

<p newsteaser="yes">As reader of our website you are aware of the
<p newsteaser="yes">As a reader of our website, you are aware of the
importance of Free Software for a free society. The FSFE has been fighting
for Free Software since 2001. Since then, <a
href="/timeline/timeline.html">we have made a lot of difference</a> by
href="/timeline/timeline.html">we have made a big difference</a> by
exercising political pressure, helping Free Software developers with legal
expertise, and building public awareness for software freedom. To continue
this important work, we need a total budget of 390,000 Euro for 2014. We are
currently still 160.000 short of this goal.</p>
currently still 160,000 short of this goal.</p>

<p>Today you can support us in our work: either by <a
href="/fellowship/join.html">becoming a Fellow of FSFE</a> or <a
href="/donate/onetime-donation.html">by a onetime donation</a>.</p>
href="/donate/onetime-donation.html">by a one-time donation</a>.</p>