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<h1>Free Software Foundation Europe concerned about Nortel patent sale</h1>
<div id="article-metadata"><p><span class="label">Authors: </span><a rel="author" href="/about/gerloff/gerloff.en.html">Karsten Gerloff</a> with a contribution by Carlo Piana<span class="label">Sent: </span>2011-12-22<span class="label">Published: </span>2011-12-22</p></div>
<h2>Executive Summary</h2>
@ -335,8 +338,6 @@ If the transaction is allowed to proceed, negative consequences for the Free Sof
It is our opinion that such a measure is both less effective and more prone to failure than prohibiting the transaction outright. To compensate for this shortcoming, we recommend that the competent authorities keep the door open to stricter measures in case the above remedy should prove ineffective in protecting competition. This stricter measure could comprise compulsory divestiture of single items or partial unenforceability of one or more patents. Also, there should be some kind of mechanism for reporting (perhaps restricted to OEM and platform developers) and monitoring in place.
Authors: Karsten Gerloff, President, with a contribution by Carlo Piana, General Counsel
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