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<html newsdate="2019-11-12" type="podcast">
<title>Software Freedom Podcast #2 about KDE with Lydia Pintscher </title>
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Software Freedom Podcast #2 about KDE with Lydia Pintscher
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We are back with the second episode of our Software Freedom Podcast!
Once a month, we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about
software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Lydia Pintscher from
KDE about the development of the KDE community, the different KDE projects
and the issues they will be tackling over the next two years.
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When we were planning this second episode of the Software Freedom Podcast,
we were keen on inviting someone from the Free Software community. We
thought that Lydia, as the current Vice President of KDE, would be the
perfect person to join us for our second episode. This gives us the chance
to introduce to you the wonderful KDE community and all its different projects.
In this episode, we talk about how Lydia balances her day job with the
volunteer position of vice president of KDE. We also discuss some broader
topics like the development of the KDE community and the different projects
they are working on, as well as the future outlook of these projects.
<p>Read more:</p>
<li><a href="https://kde.org">About KDE</a></li>
<li><a href="https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved">Join the KDE community</a></li>
<li><a href="https://kde.org/goals">KDE Akademy goals</a></li>
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<subtitle>Interview with Lydia Pintscher about KDE. The perfect episode for a quick overview of KDE</subtitle>
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<chapter start="0:00">Welcome to the podcast</chapter>
<chapter start="0:32">Introduction to KDE and Lydia Pintscher</chapter>
<chapter start="01:20">Interview with Lydia Pintscher about KDE</chapter>
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<chapter start="22:50">Closing words</chapter>
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