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  4. <title>Spread the word</title>
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  6. <meta content="FSFE Graphics Buttons Logo Promotion Sticker Poster Leaflets Flyer Campaigns Free Your Android I cannot read your documents Fellowship Plussy Gnu" name="keywords" />
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  26. <p id="category"><a href="/contribute/">Contribute</a></p>
  27. <h1 id="spread-the-word">Spread the word!</h1>
  28. <div id="introduction">
  29. <div class="image">
  30. <img src="/graphics/megaphone.png" alt="megaphone" />
  31. </div>
  32. <p>You found your way here, because - like us - you care about Free Software and digital civil rights. We need your help to spread the word about the advantages of Free Software, and to explain others why they should care about Freedom, too. Advocating for Free Software is fun and arguably one of the best ways to help the Free Software movement! On this page you find various material to support and help you in spreading the word: graphics to use, leaflets to print yourself and professional promotion material to order.</p>
  33. </div>
  34. <h2 id="graphics">Graphics to use</h2>
  35. <div id="toc">
  36. <p style="text-indent:1em;">On this page you find</p>
  37. <ul style="margin-bottom: 1em;">
  38. <li><a href="#graphics">Graphics to use</a></li>
  39. <li><a href="#political-leaflets">Printable information material</a></li>
  40. <li><a href="#promo-material">Order FSFE's Promotion Material</a></li>
  41. </ul>
  42. </div>
  43. <p>All graphics you find on this page can be used to promote Free Software in general and the work of FSFE in particular. Feel free to copy, spread and use them as long as you avoid the appearance that - whatever you use it for - is an official product or the official opinion of the FSFE. Thank you very much for promoting Freedom!</p>
  44. <h3 id="fsfe-logo" class="left break">Logo of the Free Software Foundation Europe</h3>
  45. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  46. <img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/logo-thumb.png" />
  47. <p class="right grid-70">The official logo of the Free Software Foundation Europe. Use it to promote FSFE and our work. </p>
  48. </div>
  49. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  50. <p>FSFE Logo in <strong>colour</strong>: <a href="">PNG</a> | <a href="">SVG</a> - FSFE Logo in <strong>b/w</strong>: <a href="">PNG</a> | <a href="">SVG</a></p>
  51. <!-- The following text is taken from contribute/advocacy/advocacy.en.html, so you can find translations that are already done in the corresponding advocacy-page BEGIN-->
  52. <p style="font-size:0.8em; margin-left:2em;"><strong>License</strong>: The logo of the FSFE must never be used in a way that could be understood as endorsing certain activities, home pages, products or entities without prior consent of the FSFE. Please <a href="">contact <em>team (at)</em></a> if you wish to know whether your intended usage is suitable.</p>
  53. <!-- ENDE -->
  54. </div>
  55. <h3 id="fellowship-logo" class="left break">Logo of the Fellowship of FSFE</h3>
  56. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  57. <img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/plussy-sticker-thumb.png" />
  58. <p class="right grid-70">This is the logo that represents the <a href="/fellowship/">Fellowship of the FSFE</a>. Its name is 'Plussy' and the symbol illustrates a human who stands strong for his freedom. At the same time, the human figure opens his arms to include everyone who shares common goals. Finally, the symbol draws a 'plus', because our movement gets stronger with every single identity. In other words, every one who is joining the Fellowship is a plus in the fight for freedom. That is why it is called 'Plussy'.</p>
  59. </div>
  60. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  61. <p>Fellowship Plussy Logo: <a href="">PNG</a> | <a href="">SVG</a></p>
  62. <p style="font-size:0.8em; margin-left:2em;"><strong>License</strong>: The Fellowship logo (and variations of it) can be used to advertise the Fellowship of the FSFE and in association with any Free Software related activity performed by FSFE Fellows. It can also be incorporated into logos of local Fellowship groups if so desired. However, if you do not have a mandate by FSFE, we ask you not to create the impression that you speak officially for FSFE, or that FSFE has certified or endorsed you to do so in any way.</p>
  63. </div>
  64. <!-- <h3 id="web-banners">Web Banners</h3>-->
  65. <h3 id="fellowship-buttons">Fellowship and FSFE supporting graphics</h3>
  66. <p>Feel free to use the following graphics and buttons whenever you like to support our work, the Fellowship or Free Software in general. Most icons should be self-explaining. Click the thumbs to access a proper file. </p>
  67. <p><strong>Fellowship</strong></p>
  68. <p>Those buttons, that show a number can be used to show that you are a Fellow by choosing the number that matches your own Fellowshipnumber. Find <a href="">the image of your personal number</a> and feel free to use them in any medium you like.</p>
  69. <table border="0" cellpadding="20">
  70. <tbody>
  71. <tr>
  72. <td align="center" valign="middle"><a href="/graphics/fellowship/fellowship-page-logo.svg"><img src="/graphics/fellowship/fellowship-page-logo-200x61.png" /></a></td>
  73. <td align="center" valign="middle"><a href="/graphics/fellowship/fellowship-join-fsfe-200x73.png"><img src="/graphics/fellowship/fellowship-join-fsfe-200x73.png" /></a></td>
  74. </tr>
  75. <tr>
  76. <td align="center" valign="middle"><a href=""><img src="promopics/Fellow_Number_small_200x72.png" /></a></td>
  77. <td align="center" valign="middle"><a href=""><img src="promopics/Fellow_Number_thumb_200x59" /></a></td>
  78. </tr>
  79. </tbody>
  80. </table>
  81. <p><strong>FSFE and campaigns</strong></p>
  82. <table border="0" cellpadding="20">
  83. <tbody>
  84. <tr>
  85. <td align="center" valign="middle"><img src="/donate/graphics/180x119-FsfeSupportourWork_transparent.png" alt="Transparent PNG saying 'Support our work!'" /></td>
  86. <td align="center" valign="middle"><a href=""><img src="/graphics/supporter/FSFE_plus1_42x42_b.png" /></a>
  87. <a href=""><img src="/graphics/supporter/FSFE_supporter_110x22_b.png" /></a></td>
  88. </tr>
  89. <tr>
  90. <td align="center" valign="middle"> <a href=""><img src="promopics/love-150x90-en-oversized200.png" /></a></td>
  91. <td align="center" valign="middle"><a href="/contribute/advocacy/cwfs.en.html"><img src="/contribute/advocacy/cwfs/cwfs-1.0.0-original-25-degree-180x121.png" /></a></td>
  92. </tr>
  93. </tbody>
  94. </table>
  95. <h2 id="political-leaflets">Print your own: Leaflets and information material</h2>
  96. <p>Graphics are good to attract attention, but sometimes it is better to offer printed material with specific and more detailed information. Volunteers from the FSFE have put a lot of work in writing <a href="/about/printable/">information material that you can print out at home</a> and spread it wherever you like. You can find political leaflets about: <!-- (BTW: The page with the leaflets should be improved, too (eg with a content box) --></p>
  97. <ul>
  98. <li>Reasons for schools to use Free Software</li>
  99. <li>Reasons to prefer Free Software for your child's education</li>
  100. <li>Reasons to push for Free Software in your university</li>
  101. <li>About FSFE's Legal Work</li>
  102. <li>FSFE and the antitrust case against Microsoft</li>
  103. <li>FSFE's work on Open Standards</li>
  104. <li>The FSFE's role with the United Nations</li>
  105. <li>Let's get rid of non-free PDF advertisement</li>
  106. <li>A future without software patents</li>
  107. </ul>
  108. <h2 id="promo-material">FSFE's Promotion Material to order</h2>
  109. <p>Are you going to a Free Software meeting or you even organise one? Maybe you like to promote Free Software and the work of the FSFE around your friends and colleagues? Or maybe you like to do something completely different? Whatever it might be, we will be happy to send you our printed promotion material for no cost. To find the material that fits best your needs, you find an overview about our material as well as details about each product below. You might either order a default promotion package or individual quantities. Material and shipping is for free, please find all details below.</p>
  110. <h2 id="id-why-and-when-to-order">Why and when to order</h2>
  111. <div id="toc">
  112. <p style="text-indent:1em;">Available promotion material</p>
  113. <ul style="margin-bottom: 1em;">
  114. <li><a href="#fsfe-and-fellowship-material">About FSFE and the Fellowship</a></li>
  115. <li><a href="#free-software">Free Software and users freedom</a></li>
  116. <li><a href="#free-your-android-campaign">"Free Your Android" campaign</a></li>
  117. <li><a href="#ilovefs-campaign">"I love Free Software" campaign</a></li>
  118. <li><a href="#dfd-campaign">"Document Freedom Day" campaign</a></li>
  119. <li><a href="#pdfreaders-campaign">"PDFreaders" campaign</a></li>
  120. <li><a href="#tdwyt">"They Don't Want You To ..." campaign</a></li>
  121. <li><a href="#upcoming">Upcoming promotion and campaigns</a></li>
  122. </ul>
  123. </div>
  124. <p>There are various reasons why and when you might like to receive promotion material for Free Software and the FSFE. Maybe you know a location (e.g. a Hackerspace, a youth club, your office...) where you would love to see information about our mission? Or you would like to tell someone (e.g. your friends, your family, your colleagues...) about Free Software, the FSFE and what we are doing? Or you are even planning a public activity (e.g. a booth, a meeting, a conference...) to promote FSFE and its goals? These are just some examples for the various usage of our promotion material. Please, feel free to decide for yourself when, why and for what you would like to use it. </p>
  125. <h2 id="id-how-and-what-to-order">How and what to order</h2>
  126. <p>To order promotion material please use the following order form. You might either
  127. order our default package or tell us explicitly what kind of promotion
  128. material you need or prefer. For example, if you plan to support a
  129. special FSFE`s campaign. Please keep in mind, that for postal reasons,
  130. in general we just send packages up to 1kg. If you need more, please ask.</p>
  131. <form class="highlight labeledform" id="orderpromo" method="post" action="/cgi-bin/promotion.php" accept-charset="utf-8">
  132. <!-- Translators: please set the value for the language to your language code -->
  133. <input type="hidden" name="language" value="en" />
  134. <h3>Please send promotional material to:</h3>
  135. <span class="formlabel">First name, Last name:</span>
  136. <input type="text" name="firstname" placeholder="First Name" size="20" />
  137. <input type="text" name="lastname" placeholder="Last Name" size="20" /><br/>
  138. <span class="formlabel">Email:</span>
  139. <input type="text" name="email" placeholder="Email" size="40" /><br/>
  140. <span class="formlabel">Street, No.:</span>
  141. <input type="text" name="street" size="40" /><br/>
  142. <span class="formlabel">Zip, City:</span>
  143. <input type="text" name="city" size="40" /><br/>
  144. <span class="formlabel">Country:</span>
  145. <input type="text" name="country" size="40" /><br/>
  146. <!-- span class="formlabel">Address:</span>
  147. <textarea name="address" rows="4" cols="40"></textarea><br/ -->
  148. <span class="formlabel">I would like the promotion package to focus on:</span>
  149. <textarea name="specifics" rows="6" cols="40">
  150. No focus, just send me the default package. That means we will try to ensure that you receive something from everything listed here. If you have any preferences, please delete this text and state them here.
  151. </textarea><br/>
  152. <span class="formlabel">I would like to use the material for (short description):</span>
  153. <textarea name="usage" rows="4" cols="40"></textarea><br/>
  154. <span class="formlabel">Any comment:</span>
  155. <textarea name="comment" rows="4" cols="40"></textarea><br/>
  156. <input type="submit" name="url" value="I am a spam robot" style="display:none;" />
  157. <span class="formlabel">Support our work with a donation of 10€ or more: </span>
  158. <input type="number" name="donate" value="0" min="0" step="5"/>
  159. <!-- Translators: please translate the label of this button (the value field) -->
  160. <input type="submit" name="dothis" value="Order now!"/>
  161. <input type="submit" name="url" value="I am a spam robot" style="display:none;" /><br/>
  162. </form>
  163. <h2 id="id-available-promotion-material">Available promotion material</h2>
  164. <h3 id="fsfe-and-fellowship-material" class="left break">About FSFE and the Fellowship</h3>
  165. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  166. <p id="fsfe-folder"><strong>FSFE Folder</strong></p>
  167. <a href="/about/printable/folder.en.F.pdf" title="What is FSFE"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/folder-fsfe-en1_thumb.png" /></a>
  168. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">On the <a href="/about/printable/folder.en.F.pdf">inside of our FSFE folders</a>, there is written some core information about FSFE and our work, about Free Software and how to contribute. <br />
  169. These folders can be used as a briefcase for additional material with more information inside. In size A5, we normally put our <a href="#political-leaflets">political leaflets</a> and/or our Fellowship leaflets (<a href="#fellowship-leaflet">see next item</a>). Folders in size A4 can be useful in other contexts, for example at a conference.</p>
  170. <p class="right grid-70">
  171. <strong>Type:</strong> Folder<br/>
  172. <strong>Size:</strong> A5 (14,8 × 21cm) / A4 (21 × 29,7cm)<br/>
  173. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br /><a href="/about/printable/folder.en.F.pdf">English</a>, <a href="/about/printable/">German</a><br/>
  174. <strong>Printed versions (to order):</strong><br /> <strike><a href="/about/printable/folder.en.F.pdf">English</a>, <a href="/about/printable/">German</a></strike> <br/>
  175. <span style="color:red">Unfortunately, FSFE folders in A5 are out of stock at the moment</span>
  176. </p>
  177. </div>
  178. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  179. <p id="fellowship-leaflet"><strong>Fellowship leaflet</strong></p>
  180. <a href="" title="What can I do"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/fellowship-leaflet-thumb.png" /></a>
  181. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">Our Fellowship leaflets are in size A5, so they fit perfectly into our FSFE folder (<a href="#fsfe-folder">see item above</a>). It is a nice piece of a graphical artwork, promoting the Fellowship.</p>
  182. <p class="right grid-70">
  183. <strong>Type:</strong> Leaflet<br/>
  184. <strong>Size:</strong> A5 (14,8 × 21cm)<br/>
  185. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br/> <a href="" title="What can I do">English</a>, <a href="" title="Was kann ich tun">German</a><br />
  186. <strong>Printed versions (to order):</strong><br /> <strike><a href="" title="What can I do">English</a> + <a href="" title="What can I do">German</a> (one language each side)</strike><br/>
  187. <span style="color:red">Unfortunately, Fellowship leaflets are out of stock at the moment</span>
  188. </p>
  189. </div>
  190. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  191. <p id="plussy-sticker"><strong>Plussy sticker</strong></p>
  192. <a href="/graphics/fellowship/plussy_plain.svg" title="Plussy"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/plussy-sticker-thumb.png" /></a>
  193. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">The classic Plussy stickers, <a href="#fellowship-logo">the symbol of FSFE`s Fellowship</a>. The background is transparent, so the sticker integrates perfectly in any sourrounding - not just on laptops. There are two sizes available.</p>
  194. <p class="right grid-70">
  195. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  196. <strong>Size:</strong> 7 x 7cm / 5 x 5cm<br/>
  197. <strong>Available formats (to download):</strong><br /><a href="/graphics/fellowship/plussy.png">PNG</a> | <a href="/graphics/fellowship/plussy_plain.svg">SVG</a><br />
  198. <strong>Printed versions (order):</strong><br />
  199. <a href="/graphics/fellowship/plussy.png">yes</a> <em>(without language)</em><br/>
  200. </p>
  201. </div>
  202. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  203. <p id="fellowship-poster"><strong>Join the Fellowship - Poster</strong></p>
  204. <a href="" title="Join the Fellowship"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/joinfellowship-poster_thumb.png" /></a>
  205. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">The "Join the Fellowship" poster is to promote the Fellowship and therefore to pin on a prominent place, for example inside a meeting room or a Hackerspace - and for use at any public activity. </p>
  206. <p class="right grid-70">
  207. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster (folded for delivery)<br/>
  208. <strong>Size:</strong> A1 (59,4 × 84,1cm)<br/>
  209. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <a href="">English</a><br/>
  210. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order):</strong> <a href="">English</a><br/>
  211. </p>
  212. </div>
  213. <h3 id="free-software" class="left break">Free Software and users freedom</h3>
  214. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  215. <p id="nocloud"><strong>There is no cloud, just other people's computers</strong></p>
  216. <a href=""><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/thereisnocloud_thumb.png" /></a>
  217. <p class="right grid-70">A sticker to let people know about their online-reality that says "There is no cloud just other people's computers"</p>
  218. <p class="right grid-70">
  219. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  220. <strong>Size:</strong> 85mm x 55mm<br/>
  221. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br /><a href="">English</a><br />
  222. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br /><a href="">English</a><br />
  223. <strong>License: CC0</strong>
  224. </p>
  225. </div>
  226. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  227. <p id="free-software-tools"><strong>Free Software and tools</strong></p>
  228. <a href="" ><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/freiheit-thumb.png" /></a>
  229. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">This flyer compares the use of Free Software to the use of screws and screwdrivers. This analogy is especially made for audiences with a non-technical background and generally well received at FSFE's booths.</p>
  230. <p class="right grid-70">
  231. <strong>Type:</strong> Paper leaflet, folded<br/>
  232. <strong>Size:</strong> 10 x 21 cm (folded); 29,7 x 21 cm (=A4, unfolded)<br/>
  233. <strong>Available languages (Download):</strong> <br />
  234. English (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  235. Finnish (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  236. French (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  237. German (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>) <br />
  238. Italian (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>) <br />
  239. <strong>Printed versions (to order):</strong><br /> French, English, German<br />
  240. </p>
  241. </div>
  242. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  243. <p id="drm-leaflet"><strong>Digital Restrictions Management</strong></p>
  244. <a href="" title="Digital Restrictions Management"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/drm_thumb.png" /></a>
  245. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">This is a leaflet about <a href="">Digital Restriction Management</a> and its dangers. We produced this leaflet together with <a href="">Digitale Gesellschaft</a> and it comes as a good summary of this complex topic.</p>
  246. <p class="right grid-70">
  247. <strong>Type:</strong> Paper leaflet, folded<br/>
  248. <strong>Size:</strong> A5 (148 x 21 cm, folded); A4 (29,7 x 21 cm, unfolded)<br/>
  249. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br />
  250. <a href="">English</a>, <a href="">French</a>, <a href="">German</a><br />
  251. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br /><a href="">English</a>, <a href="">French</a>, <a href="">German</a><br/>
  252. </p>
  253. </div>
  254. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  255. <p id="gnupg-leaflet"><strong>Email self-defense with GnuPG</strong></p>
  256. <a href="" title="Email self-defense with GnuPG"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/gnupg-leaflet-en-thumb.png" /></a>
  257. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">After Snowden's revelations about the mass surveillance programmes of the NSA and other Western security agencies, there is a big interest by the people in reclaiming their privacy as well as secure communication. To help people in their email-communication, we made a leaflet that explains the problems of email-security and how to solve them, using GnuPG for email encryption. In addition, this leaflet explicitly explains what is a backdoor and why software for security measures needs to be Free Software.
  258. </p>
  259. <p class="right grid-70">
  260. <strong>Type:</strong> Paper leaflet, folded<br/>
  261. <strong>Size:</strong> 9,9 x 21 cm (folded), 39,6 x 21 cm (unfolded)<br/>
  262. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br />
  263. <a href="">English</a>, German (using <a href="">formal "Sie"</a>, or <a href="">informal "Du"</a>)<br />
  264. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br />
  265. <a href="">German</a>, <a href="">English</a>
  266. </p>
  267. </div>
  268. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  269. <p id="pdfreaders-poster"><strong>PDFreaders - Poster</strong></p>
  270. <a href="" title="PDFreaders"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/pdfreaders-poster_thumb.png" /></a>
  271. <p class="right grid-70">The poster of our <a href="">PDFreaders campaign</a> is 'plain', so before you hang it up somewhere, please fill it out with <a href="">actual numbers of organisations and individuals signing our petition</a>. This is a long lasting campaign by now. Still, people like it very much.</p>
  272. <p class="right grid-70">
  273. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster (folded for delivery)<br/>
  274. <strong>Size:</strong> A1 (59,4 × 84,1cm)<br/>
  275. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br /><a href="" title="PDFreaders">English</a><br />
  276. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br /><a href="" title="PDFreaders">English</a>
  277. </p>
  278. </div>
  279. <h3 id="free-your-android-campaign" class="left break">"Free Your Android" campaign</h3>
  280. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  281. <p id="fya-flyer"><strong>Free Your Android - Flyer</strong></p>
  282. <a href="/campaigns/android/artwork/FYA_Flyer_A7_2nd_both.pdf" title="Free Your Android"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/fya-flyer-en_thumb.png" /></a>
  283. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">A7 flyer to promote our <a href="">"Free Your Android" campaign</a> for which there are posters available, too. </p>
  284. <p class="right grid-70">
  285. <strong>Type:</strong> Flyer<br/>
  286. <strong>Size:</strong> A7 (7,4 × 10,5cm)<br/>
  287. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br />
  288. <a href="/campaigns/android/artwork/FYA_Flyer_A7_2nd_en.pdf" title="Free Your Android">English</a>, <a href="/campaigns/android/artwork/FYA_Flyer_A7_2nd_de.pdf" title="Free Your Android">German</a><br />
  289. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br/><strike>English + German (double-sided)</strike><br />
  290. <span style="color:red">Unfortunately, FYA-Flyers are out of stock at the moment</span>
  291. </p>
  292. </div>
  293. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  294. <p id="fdroid-leaflet"><strong>F-Droid Leaflet</strong></p>
  295. <a href="/campaigns/android/promomaterial/fdroid-folder.pdf" title="F-Droid folder"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/fdroid-flyer_thumb.png" /></a>
  296. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">This is a flyer about <a href="">F-Droid</a>, a Free Software App Repository for Android and Android based forks like <a href="">Cyanogenmod</a> or <a href="">Replicant</a>. The leaflet explains the installation and use of F-Droid - the Free App store without Ads, Spying, Tracking or the need of a Google account. In addition, the leaflet includes recommendations for Free Apps to use and a general explanation about Free Software.</p>
  297. <p class="right grid-70">
  298. <strong>Type:</strong> Paper leaflet, folded<br/>
  299. <strong>Size:</strong> 10 x 21 cm (folded); 29,7 x 21 cm (=A4, unfolded)<br/>
  300. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br />
  301. English (<a href="" title="F-Droid">Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  302. Finnish (<a href="" title="F-Droid">Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  303. Italian (<a href="" title="F-Droid">Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  304. French (<a href="" title="F-Droid">Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  305. German (<a href="" title="F-Droid">Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  306. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br/>English, French, Italian, German<br />
  307. </p>
  308. </div>
  309. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  310. <p id="fya-poster"><strong>Free Your Android - Poster</strong></p>
  311. <a href="" title="Free Your Android"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/fya-poster_thumb.png" /></a>
  312. <p class="right grid-70" style="margin-top:0;">The poster to promote our <a href="">"Free Your Android" campaign</a> for which there are flyers available, too. This poster proofed to be very eye-catching and attracts a lot of people at booths who ask about the backgrounds of this campaign. We recommend to use it at any booth or other public activity.</p>
  313. <p class="right grid-70">
  314. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster (folded for delivery)<br/>
  315. <strong>Size:</strong> A1 (59,4 × 84,1cm)<br/>
  316. <strong>Available languages (to download)></strong><br /><a href="" title="Free Your Android">English</a><br/>
  317. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)></strong><br /><a href="" title="Free Your Android">English</a><br/>
  318. </p>
  319. </div>
  320. <h3 id="ilovefs-campaign" class="left break">"I love Free Software" campaign</h3>
  321. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  322. <p id="ilovefs-flyer"><strong>I love Free Software - Flyer</strong></p>
  323. <a href="" title="PDFreaders"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/ilovefs_flyer_A7_thumb.png" /></a>
  324. <p class="right grid-70">The flyer of our <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/ilovefs.en.html">I love Free Software campaign</a>. The flyer is two-sided: One side with the IloveFS-heart, same as in the poster (see next item). The other side is showing the date (Valentine's Day) and the URL of the campaign - as you see in the thumbnail image. </p>
  325. <p class="right grid-70">
  326. <strong>Type:</strong> Flyer, double sided<br/>
  327. <strong>Size:</strong> A7 (7,4 × 10,5cm)<br/>
  328. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br/>
  329. <a href="" >English</a><br/>
  330. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong><br/>
  331. <a href="" >English</a><br/>
  332. </p>
  333. </div>
  334. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  335. <p id="ilovefs-poster"><strong>I love Free Software - Poster</strong></p>
  336. <a href="" title="PDFreaders"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/ilovefs_poster_A1_thumb.png" /></a>
  337. <p class="right grid-70">The poster of our <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/ilovefs.en.html">I love Free Software campaign</a>. The poster comes as you see in the image and is very attractive in its colors and its design. </p>
  338. <p class="right grid-70">
  339. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster (folded for delivery)<br/>
  340. <strong>Size:</strong> A1 (59,4 × 84,1cm)<br/>
  341. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br/>
  342. <a href="" >English</a><br/>
  343. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>
  344. English<br/>
  345. </p>
  346. </div>
  347. <h3 id="dfd-campaign" class="left break">"Document Freedom Day" campaign</h3>
  348. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  349. <p>If you are looking for DFD material in particular, please <a href="">have a look at our promotion order page on</a>. If you like to mix other promotion material with promotion material from the DFD campaign, feel free to order it here. </p>
  350. </div>
  351. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  352. <p id="dfd-flyer"><strong>Document Freedom Day - Flyer</strong></p>
  353. <a href="" title="I cannot read your document"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/dfd-2014-a7-front-en.png" /></a>
  354. <p class="right grid-70"> The flyer to promote our <a href="">Document Freedom Day</a> campaign. It says the date, homepage and a short message in five languages. </p>
  355. <p class="right grid-70">
  356. <strong>Type:</strong> Flyer<br/>
  357. <strong>Size:</strong> A7 (7,4 × 10,5cm)<br/>
  358. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br />
  359. English (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="">Inside</a>)<br />
  360. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order):</strong><br />Yes. <em>(five languages on the same flyer: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish)</em><br/>
  361. </p>
  362. </div>
  363. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  364. <p id="dfd-leaflet"><strong>Document Freedom Day - Leaflet</strong></p>
  365. <a href="" title="I cannot read your document"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/leaflet-intro-front.en.png" /></a>
  366. <p class="right grid-70"> The leaflet to promote our <a href="">Document Freedom Day</a> campaign. It comes with explanations what standards are for, what is an Open Standard and how to engage for Document Freedom.</p>
  367. <p class="right grid-70">
  368. <strong>Type:</strong> Leaflet<br/>
  369. <strong>Size:</strong> 10 x 21 cm (folded); 29,7 x 21 cm (=A4, unfolded)<br/>
  370. <strong>Available languages (to download):</strong> <br />
  371. English (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="">Inside</a>)<br />
  372. Finnish (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  373. Spanish (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  374. Catalan (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  375. German (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  376. French (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  377. Japanese (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  378. Turkish (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  379. Chinese (<a href="" >Cover</a>, <a href="" >Inside</a>)<br />
  380. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <br/>French, German, English, Spanish, Turkish<br />
  381. </p>
  382. </div>
  383. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  384. <p id="wecryd-sticker"><strong>We cannot read your documents - sticker</strong></p>
  385. <a href="" title="We cannot read your document"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/wcryd-sticker-thumb.png" /></a>
  386. <p class="right grid-70"> The "We cannot read your documents" stickers address our <a href="">Document Freedom Day campaign</a>. The slogan highlights the problem in the use of proprietary file formats, as they exclude all people not using the same proprietary software from reading of their documents.</p>
  387. <p class="right grid-70">
  388. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  389. <strong>Size:</strong> 7,5 x 7,5cm<br/>
  390. <strong>Available languages (to download)</strong>: <br />
  391. <a href="" title="We cannot read your document">English</a><br/>
  392. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order):</strong><br/> English
  393. </p>
  394. </div>
  395. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  396. <p id="dfd-chance-poster"><strong>Document Freedom Day - "Give us a chance" Poster</strong></p>
  397. <a href="promopics/" title="Open Standards make sense"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/" /></a>
  398. <p class="right grid-70"> This is the poster of Document Freedom Day campaign 2014. It is double-sided and comes in five languages. It is available in A2 and A3.</p>
  399. <p class="right grid-70">
  400. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster (folded for delivery)<br/>
  401. <strong>Size:</strong> A2 (42 × 59,4cm), A3 (29,7 × 42cm)<br/>
  402. <strong>Available languages (to download)</strong>: <br />
  403. <a href="promopics/" title="Open Standards make sense">Multilanguage</a><br />
  404. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order):</strong><br />Yes. <em>(five languages on the same flyer: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish)</em><br/>
  405. </p>
  406. </div>
  407. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  408. <p id="dfd-robot-poster"><strong>Document Freedom Day - Robot Poster</strong></p>
  409. <a href="" title="Open Standards: Compatibility Hard-Wired"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/dfd-poster-robots-thumb.png" /></a>
  410. <p class="right grid-70">This is the poster of Document Freedom Day campaign 2013. It's timeless and the poster can be used stand-alone or you can use it to announce a DFD-event.</p>
  411. <p class="right grid-70">
  412. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster (folded for delivery)<br/>
  413. <strong>Size:</strong> A2 (42 × 59,4cm)<br/>
  414. <strong>Available languages (to download)</strong>: <br />
  415. <a href="" title="Open Standards: Compatibility Hard-Wired">English</a><br />
  416. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: <a href="" title="Open Standards: Compatibility Hard-Wired">English</a><br/>
  417. </p>
  418. </div>
  419. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  420. <p id="dfd-fry-poster"><strong>Document Freedom Day - Stephen Fry Poster</strong></p>
  421. <a href="" title="Open Standards make sense"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/dfd-poster-fry-thumb.png" /></a>
  422. <p class="right grid-70">This is the poster of Document Freedom Day campaign 2012. It's timeless and the poster includes a nice quote from Stephen Fry.</p>
  423. <p class="right grid-70">
  424. <strong>Type:</strong> Poster<br/>
  425. <strong>Size:</strong> A2 (42 × 59,4cm)<br/>
  426. <strong>Available languages (to download)</strong>: <br />
  427. <a href="" title="Open Standards make sense">English</a><br />
  428. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: English<br />
  429. </p>
  430. </div>
  431. <h3 id="tdwyt" class="left break">"They Don't Want You To ..." campaign</h3>
  432. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  433. <p id="tdwyt-billboard"><strong>They don't want you to - Billboard sticker</strong></p>
  434. <a href="" title="They don't want you to ..."><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/tdwyt-billboard-small-thumb.png" /></a>
  435. <p class="right grid-70"> Stickers of our <a href="">"They don't want you to"</a> campaign. The campaign is about everyday restrictions that users encounter in our digital world. The sticker is 14,8cm x 14,8cm and is best to use in an environment where such a huge sticker can be exposed to peoples attraction. The sticker is supposed to be filled out by you with any restriction you would like to become people aware of.</p>
  436. <p class="right grid-70">
  437. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  438. <strong>Size:</strong> 14,8 x 14,8cm<br/>
  439. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: English<br/>
  440. </p>
  441. </div>
  442. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  443. <p id="tdwyt-multilanguage"><strong>They don't want you to - multilanguage sticker</strong></p>
  444. <a href="" title="Freedom not included"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/tdwyt-triangle-thumb.png" /></a>
  445. <p class="right grid-70">This is the multi-language sticker that you can use to warn people about a product or an item in that is "Freedom not included". See the <a href="">campaigns page</a> for more information.</p>
  446. <p class="right grid-70">
  447. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  448. <strong>Size:</strong> 7,4 x 7,4cm<br/>
  449. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: English<br/>
  450. </p>
  451. </div>
  452. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  453. <p id="tdwyt-sticker"><strong>They don't want you to - sticker</strong></p>
  454. <a href="" title="They don't want you to be Free"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/tdwyt-laptop-thumb.png" /></a>
  455. <p class="right grid-70">Another, more handy, sticker for the upcoming campaign <a href="">"They don't want you to"</a>. It fits best on a Laptop or somewhere else.</p>
  456. <p class="right grid-70">
  457. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  458. <strong>Size:</strong> 7,4 x 7,4cm<br/>
  459. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: English<br/>
  460. </p>
  461. </div>
  462. <div class="left break margin-vertical">
  463. <p id="tdwyt-thumb-sticker"><strong>They don't want you to - thumb sticker</strong></p>
  464. <a href="" title="They don't want you to choose"><img class="left grid-30" src="promopics/tdwyt-pc-thumb.png" /></a>
  465. <p class="right grid-70">This sticker has the shape of the WindowsXP logo that so many people get used to see on a Laptop.</p>
  466. <p class="right grid-70">
  467. <strong>Type:</strong> Sticker<br/>
  468. <strong>Size:</strong> 1,8 x 1,8cm<br/>
  469. <strong>Printed versions (for you to order)</strong>: English<br/>
  470. <!-- <span style="color:red">Unfortunately, we are running out of stock of these stickers</span> -->
  471. </p>
  472. </div>
  473. <h2 id="upcoming" class="left break">Upcoming promotion and campaigns</h2>
  474. <p class="left break">From time to time, have a look at this page again for new promotional material - we will continue to update it. If you would like to help making new designs or improve old ones, join the <a href="/contribute/designers/designers">designers team</a>. Or if you would like to add translations of pages or materials, join the <a href="/contribute/translators/translators">translators team</a>.
  475. </p>
  476. </body>
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