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<html newsdate="2017-02-14">
<title>Berlin sends a message for "I love Free Software" day</title>
<h1>Berlin sends a message for "I love Free Software" day</h1>
<p>In celebration of the "I love Free Software" day on
February 14, the Berlin Reichtag has been illuminated with the message
"Give Free Software A Chance" last weekend. On numerous buildings and
symbolic places in Berlin other messages have been projected. "Build
Free Software - Not Walls" could have been read on the Berlin Wall, and
the Federal Ministry of Finances has been decorated by the slogan
"Public Money, Public Code". Thereby, activists draw attention to the
importance of larger appreciation of Free Software.</p>
<p>FSFE representatives also delivered an open letter together with a
rose to all members of German parliament in which they demand a higher
political support of Free Software and the a higher recognition of
voluntary Free Software development.</p>
<blockquote><p>Max Mehl, program manager of FSFE, comments: "Free
Software enables everyone to use, study, share, and improve programs
for any purpose. These rights help support other fundamental rights
like freedom of speech, freedom of press, and privacy. Therefore, we ask
politics and administration to put publicly financed software under a
free license. Software funded by public money should be a common good
and available to all people so that the whole society can benefit from
<p>The "I love Free Software" day is being celebrated on every
Valentine's Day and is dedicated to the countless voluntary
contributors of Free Software.</p>
<p>Further information:</p>
<li><a href="/activities/ilovefs/index.html">Pictures of the activity under a free license</a></li>
href="/activities/ilovefs/index.html">Letter to the members of German parliament</a> (German)</li>
<li><a href="">About "I love Free Software" day</a></li>
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