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<html newsdate="2011-04-01">
<title>Cutting-edge development: the Analogue Printer</title>
<h1>Cutting-edge development: the Analogue Printer</h1>
<p>Today FSFE announced a new cutting-edge development: the Analogue Printer.</p>
<p>"Usually, FSFE concentrates on Free Software policy issues: we work
to promote Free Software in politics, business, and law, to increase
social awareness of Open Standards and acceptance by society at large.
But at one point we decided to use <a href="">our donations</a>
to develop this groundbreaking device", says FSFE's Fellowship
Coordinator Matthias Kirschner.
The device is available in two versions:
Analogue printer, business-style pen, dark blue (€12.00).
This analogue printer is interoperable and works on every platform.
Highly hackable, it uses Open Standards and comes with a shiny box.<br/>
<a href="/order/order.html#other-items"><img src="/order/2010/images/pen-blue-small.jpg" /></a>
Analogue printer, geek-style pen, green (€5.00). This analogue
printer is interoperable and works on every platform. Highly
hackable, it uses Open Standards.<br/>
<a href="/order/order.html#other-items"><img src="/order/2010/images/pen-green-small.jpg" /></a>
The device can print any colour, 3D, underwater, and all file formats.
Since the device is analogue, there is no digital restriction
management (DRM), so you can use it for any purpose.
<img src="/graphics/aprilpen1.jpg" />
<img src="/graphics/aprilpen2.jpg" />
<img src="/graphics/aprilpen3.jpg" />
<img src="/graphics/aprilpen4.jpg" />
"It was high time to provide users with a device that frees them not
only from the bonds of proprietary software, but from the limitations
of software in general", says Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's President. "This
is a tool that will finally give you 100% direct control over your
written communications, with no black boxes getting between you and
your messages."
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