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<html newsdate="2012-10-18">
<title>Internship opportunity at FSFE</title>
<h1>Internship opportunity at FSFE</h1>
Are you willing to do something to improve our society? Do you think that
our society development relies on a fair and transparent digital sphere? Do you
want to increase our society's freedom? FSFE has one internship position
available, starting February 2013. We are looking for bright, motivated, innovative
people who want to make a real difference towards a free information society. <a href="/about/jobs/internship.html">Apply</a>.
Do you want to join us but your background is not computer science? We are working
at the political, educational, legal level: our labour is at the point where technology,
society and politics meet. So whether your background is political science, law,
communications... we welcome your application. </p>
"FSFE is a multidisciplinary non-profit organisation where you will be improving your skills and
acquiring new knowledge at the same time you feel you are really helping to make
our world a better place. And they are willing to hear your new ideas and opinion" (Ana Galán, Intern 2012)
-> <a href="/about/jobs/internship.html">
Apply now</a>
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