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<html newsdate="2018-06-16">
<title>FSFE provides Git hosting for its supporters</title>
<h1>FSFE provides Git hosting for its supporters</h1>
<p newsteaser="yes">Sharing one's knowledge is a core principle in the Free Software
society, collaboration is another. From today, the FSFE provides its <a
href="/join?ref-git">supporters</a> and registered volunteers a
platform to create and manage Git repositories with a comfortable user
interface: <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p>Git is not only a tool to store files but the most popular version
control system, similar to SVN. While Git is a command line server and
client, there are several graphical implementations. The FSFE is using <a
href="">Gitea</a> as a web interface.</p>
<p>With <a href=""></a>, the FSFE allows
its supporters to share and collaborate on a platform while fully
respecting their freedoms. Using the graphical web interface, people
can open issue reports for bugs or feature requests. This way, users
are able to:</p>
<li>host code they are using for their FSFE activities (and of course
other purposes)</li>
<li>share minutes and other documents of FSFE group meetings</li>
<li>collaborate on flyers, presentations or business cards</li>
<li>leave feedback on and help improving existing software by other
users of</li>
<li>...and many more!</li>
<p>The FSFE also strives to migrate as much code and relevant files as
possible to this new platform, for example future website developments,
promotion material, and helpful scripts for the organisation's
day-to-day work.</p>
<h2>About Gitea</h2>
<p>Gitea is a performant and user-friendly Git service that is
published under a Free Software license. Unlike other services there is
no proprietary enterprise version ("open-core"), but has a strong focus
on community development, and already contains almost all features
people know from other Git services without any non-free dependencies.
There are already efforts taking place to interconnect Gitea
installations to enable federation of Git repositories.</p>
<p>We would like to welcome you to log in with your FSFE Fellowship
credentials, test and use the service, and <a href="/contact">leave
some feedback</a>. You can also push this new service by improving
and adding usage guides for Git beginners on our dedicated <a
href="">wiki pages</a> help us
helping! Also, consider contributing to the Gitea project.</p>
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