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<title>I love Free Software Day</title>
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<h1 class="p-name">I Love Free Software Day</h1>
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We often underestimate the power of a simple <strong>Thank You</strong>. Free
Software contributors do important work for our society and they deserve
attention. The "I love Free Software Day" on 14 February (also known as
Valentine's Day) is the perfect opportunity for you to express your special
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In the Free Software community, we expect a lot of work from Free Software
project maintainers. We want that our bug reports are dealt with quickly and
demand new features from people who often spend their sparse volunteer time on
Free Software code, translations, tests, or design. There is nothing wrong
about this because constructive feedback helps us to further improve and keeps
Free Software projects alive. But it is also important to show some
appreciation to those who work so selflessly throughout the year for us! You
can show your love for Free Software by saying thank you to your favourite Free
Software project or contributor.
The yearly "I love Free Software Day" allows you to make 14 February a day
full of positive, creative and lovely messages for the whole community.
Together, we can celebrate software freedom that empowers us.
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<p>Many people are in love with Free Software for different reasons.</p>
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<description>On the annual 'I Love Free Software day' we express our gratitude to all Free Software contributors. Join this special event and become part of a lovely community! #ilovefs</description>
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