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<html newsdate="2021-02-09">
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<title>The FSFE is hiring a Project Manager with a focus on communications and sustainability</title>
2 years ago
<h1>The FSFE is hiring a Project Manager with a focus on communications and sustainability</h1>
2 years ago
We are looking for a person with a communications background to support
us in our running and upcoming projects, including our upcoming digital
sustainability campaign. The person will work full-time in our Berlin
<h2>About the FSFE</h2>
Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to
control technology. Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our
lives and it is important that technology empowers rather than
restricts us. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use,
understand, adapt, and share software. These rights help support other
fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, press, and privacy.
2 years ago
The FSFE helps individuals and organisations to understand how Free
Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and
self-determination. It enhances users' rights by abolishing barriers
to Free Software adoption, encourages people to use and develop Free
Software, and provides resources to enable everyone to further
promote Free Software in Europe.
We are involved in <a href="/activities/">many activities</a> in the
legal, economic, political and technical areas around Free Software.
Our work is made possible by a community of volunteers, supporters,
donors, and staff.
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<h2 id="responsibilities">Main responsibilities</h2>
<li>Working closely with other staff and volunteers to support them writing news items, press releases, mailings, the newsletter, website pages, leaflets and other communications, about our work for software freedom.</li>
<li>Work together with our team behind our campaign about Free Software and sustainability in the smartphone sector on the communication strategy and the implementation of it.</li>
<li>Coordinate communication for upcoming project focusing on teenagers.</li>
<li>Find, create and improve visual material for our communications.</li>
<li>Help to draw general project concepts and implement them with continuous updates.</li>
<li>Coordinate small communication projects on your own.</li>
<li>Communicate with our contributors on different campaigns, boosting engagement and channel feedback and replies.</li>
<h2 id="qualifications">Qualifications</h2>
<li>Good written communication skills with the ability to quickly come up with inducing or encouraging writings and to address different target audiences.</li>
<li>Experience in basic video, graphic and image editing (e.g. for news, share pics, memes, ...) and willingness to do so with Free Software tools.</li>
<li>Ability to create and run short term communication projects within different communication channels on your own, evaluate and reflect outcome afterwards. </li>
<li>You can sharpen a message in written form or with graphics, and you can engage with the reactions on different communication channels. </li>
<li>Fluency in written and spoken English; other EU languages are considered an asset.</li>
<li>Ability to get acquainted to new topics within a short time.</li>
<li>Knowledge how to use a GNU/Linux laptop is a plus.</li>
<li>Basic knowledge of HTML and Git or willingness to learn them.</li>
2 years ago
<li>Knowledge about digital sustainability, work experience in a non-profit or with children and teenagers are considered an asset.</li>
<h2 id="attitude">Attitude</h2>
<p>We are looking for a reliable, well-organised team player who wants to
learn new things fast and contribute their creative communication
2 years ago
skills to our volunteers and staff to make the world a better place for
future generations.</p>
<p>You care about social and political change for the next generations.
You want to help our staff and volunteers to explain younger audiences why
2 years ago
it is important to have the freedom to use, study, share, and improve
software. And you are interested to discover and promote the
opportunities Free Software offers to tackle the climate crisis.</p>
<p>While raising awareness about the FSFE's work for software freedom on
fast moving communications you want to work sustainably and keep the
2 years ago
long-term focus on the FSFE’s mission.</p>
<h2 id="details">Working time</h2>
The position is full time, 35 hours per week. At the moment the term is limited to 2
years. You will work with our team in the Berlin office, unless official
regulations do not allow coming or recommend staying home.
2 years ago
<h2 id="apply">How to apply</h2>
To apply, please send a maximum one-page cover letter
and a maximum two-page CV (only PDFs are accepted) by email to
<email></email>, with the subject "Project Manager - Communication". Please do
not include pictures of yourself in the application.
Your personal data will be deleted 3 months after we have made our decision.
The closing date for applications is <em>Sunday 14 March 2021</em>.
Free Software is meant to serve everyone regardless of their age, ability or
disability, gender identity, sex, race, nationality, religion or sexual
orientation. Hence, we encourage applications from all backgrounds and
promise to judge all applications on merit, without reference to any of the
characteristics listed. To promote diversity and equality in the Free
Software community, we shall give preference to applicants who identify as
part of a traditionally marginalised demographic in technology for
applications of equal strength.
2 years ago
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