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<html newsdate="2013-02-12">
<title>FSFE asks to show your love for Free Software!</title>
<h1>FSFE asks to show your love for Free Software!</h1>
<p>On February 14th Free Software Foundation Europe asks all
Free Software users to show their appreciation for Free Software. FSFE suggests
to take this day as an opportunity to say "thank you" to one of the dedicated
hard-working people in the Free Software community.</p>
<p>"Every day, we use Free Software and often take it for granted. We write bug
reports, tell others how they should improve their software, or ask them for
new features - and often we are not shy about criticising. So, to let the
people in Free Software receive a positive feedback at least once a year, there
is the 'I love Free Software day'." says Matthias Kirschner, who initiated the
FSFE's <a href="">#ilovefs campaign</a>.</p>
<p>For the <a href="">"I love Free Software Day" </a> the
FSFE has several suggestions how to show your love to the people behind Free
Software, including:</p>
<li>write an e-mail/letter, (micro-)blog post, to contributors expressing
how much you like what they are doing</li>
<li>buy your favourite contributor a drink. Or buy someone else a drink and while
enjoying it, tell her/him about your favourite Free Software application!</li>
<li>give a contributor a hug (ask for permission first)</li>
<li>take a picture of yourself showing your feelings for Free Software, and post
them online.</li>
<li><a href="">Donate to FSFE</a> or <a
href="">another Free
Software initiative</a> to express your gratitude. They depend on your
contribution to continue their work. So check out your favourite organisation
and make a donation. You can be sure they will love you back.</li>
<li>Finally you can help spread the love by sharing the <a
href="/activities/ilovefs/index.html">campaign banners</a>, by
e-mail, (micro)blog or by spreading through any social network (please use
the hashtag #ilovefs for this).</li>
<p>"We want you to help us, to make this day the day where everybody says
<strong>'thank you'</strong> to the people behind Free Software", adds Matthias
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