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<title>"Free software = World Heritage" project: media said</title>
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<h2>Media said</h2>
<li>2003/06/02&#160;: mentioned on France Inter radio (one of the first French radios) in the <a href=";chronique_id=20020145">«&#160;Odyssée&#160;» (French)</a></li>
<li>2003/06/01&#160;: <a href="">ANSOL</a> added to the <a href="support.html">supports</a></li>
<li>2003/03/18: <a href="">Debian Weekly News - March 18th, 2003</a> (multilingual)</li>
<li>2003/02/27: <a href="">Indymedia Italia: Software libero patrimonio dell'umanità?</a> (Italian)</li>
<li>2003/02/26: <a href="">News on the FSF India website</a> (English). Added to the <a href="support.html">supports</a></li>
<li>2003/01/02: <a href="">ADULLACT</a> added to the <a href="support.html">supports</a></li>
<li>2002/07: lots of media published our <a href="lsm2002/press-release">press release from LSM 2002</a>, eg <a href=",,t118-s2119207,00.html">ZDNet</a>, <a href="">uZine</a>, <a href="">LinuxFrench</a>, <a href=""></a> and the paper mag Science et Vie Micro (French)</li>
<li>2002/04: interview for NewBiz mag (French)</li>
<li>2002/01: <a href="">project announce</a> (French)</li>
<p>This list is obviously uncomplete because we aren't informed of all articles in all media in the world. We are in fact interested by such informations to complete <a href="press.txt">our list</a>. Archives of these documents are backuped by the <a href="contact.html">person in charge of the working group</a>.</p>
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