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<title>I Love Free Software Day</title>
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<h1 class="p-name">I Love Free Software Day</h1>
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<p>We often underestimate the power of a simple <q><strong>Thank you</strong></q>. Free Software contributors do important work for our society and they deserve to be recognised. “I Love Free Software Day”, celebrated on 14 February, is the perfect opportunity for you to express your special gratitude and show your appreciation for Free Software.
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<p>Imagine a Free Software community that is welcoming and appreciates its contrbituros. This community is motivating and friendly in the interaction with each other. Imaging if somebody new or old wants to participate and be part of this Free Software community, they would send an email to the projects mailing list with new ideas. The answer and reviews to this would be grateful and full of appreciation of the work done by the contributor. When a Pull Request in this community is reviewed, and the reviewers underline how grateful they are for the effort of opening it in the first place. Imagine a Free Software community that is thankful for their contributors, developers and of course their maintainers. Such a community can easily become reality, by simply saying <q>Thank you!</q>
<p>The larger a Free Software project gets, the harder it is to maintain. On “I Love Free Software Day” we acknowledge the work done by each other for Free Software, even more we appreciate the work done for Free Software. We reach out and say <q>Thank you!</q> to all the people maintaining and contributing to Free Software, to all the people advocating for Free Software: Thank you ♥</p>
<p>By doing so, we aim at creating a welcoming community in which not only seasoned enthusiasts feel safe to participate, but also new people are encouraged to join. A simple “Thank you” can motivate others to keep contributing to Free Software!</p>
<p>With a simple <q>Thank you!</q> we appreciate the work and effort put into Free Software by its contributors</p>
<p>Free Software is not just any type of software: it is a community, it is software that empowers users and it is out there for all of us to use, understand, share, and improve. Let us foster the growth of a lovely and welcoming Free Software community, by celebrating the software that empowers us! ♥
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<p>Many people love Free Software for different reasons.</p>
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<description>On the annual “I Love Free Software Day” we express our gratitude to all Free Software contributors. Join this special event and become part of a lovely community! #ilovefs</description>
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