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<title>Erik Albers</title>
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<h1>Erik Albers</h1>
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3 years ago
<p style="text-align:center">Programme Manager, Communication</p>
<p>Erik Albers is programme manager for the Free Software Foundation Europe, has a focus on internal and external communication and is part of the FSFE's PR- , Web- and Community-team. Erik is full-time employee of the FSFE since 2012 and became member of the <a href="/about/team#general-assembly">FSFE's General Assembly</a> in 2016. </p>
<h4>Focal points</h4>
<p>Erik (re-)designs our web presence and the <a href="/contribute/spreadtheword">FSFE's promotion material</a>, feeds our <a href="/news/news">news section</a>, is responsible for our <a href="/news/newsletter">Newsletter</a>, writes press releases and public reports. For our community communication, he organizes some of our larger events like the FSFE's community meetings, our CCC-assemblies or the <a href="/community/events/2016/summit/frontpage">FSFE summit</a>. To recover he enjoys grabbing a booth und setting it up in some smaller Free Software event in Europe.</p>
3 years ago
3 years ago
<p>For the FSFE's policy work, Erik has his focus on <a href="">Public Money? Public Code!</a> and on election periods. He uses the latter to run customized electoral campaigns and publish their respective results, press releases or policy recommendations. </p>
3 years ago
<h4>Public speaking and writing</h4>
<p>Erik loves to give talks about the <a href="">sustainability of software</a>, about <a href="">Freedom to go</a> and <a href="">campaigning</a>. He publishes articles about diverse aspects of Free Software on <a href="">his blog</a> and occasionally on <a href=""></a>. In his spare time, Erik does research about <a href="">sustainable software</a> and sustainability through software.</p>
3 years ago
<p>Erik studied politics, sociology, art and media science in Konstanz and Granada. He started digging deeper into the world of Free Software in the early 2000's and is a passionate cyclist who loves <a href="">photography</a> and <a href="">travelling</a>. </p>
3 years ago
3 years ago
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<a href="albers-800.JPG"><img src="albers.jpg" title="Erik Albers" /></a>
<h2>Contact / Follow</h2>
3 years ago
<li>Mastodon: <em><a href=""></a></em></li>
<li>Blog: <em><a href=""></a></em></li>
<li>Twitter: <em><a href=""></a></em></li>
<li>Mail: <em><a href="">eal (att)</a> (<a href=";search=0x1868FC2E8639DC81">OpenPGP</a>)</em></li>
<li>Home: <em><a href=""></a></em></li>
<li>Babel info: DE / EN / ES</li>
3 years ago
<li>Wiki Commons: <a href="">Dreirik</a></li>
<li>OpenStreetMap: <a href="">Dreirik</a></li>
3 years ago
<p>Motto: "No one shall ever be forced to use non-free Software." </p>
3 years ago
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3 years ago
<h3><a title="I love Free Software" href="">Erik loves Free Software</a>, especially:</h3>
<p><a title="Audacity: Free Audio Editor" href="">Audacity</a> (Free Audio Editor), <a title="Clementine Music Player" href="">Clementine</a> (Music Player), <a title="Clementine Remote" href="">Clementine Remote</a> (Clementine remote control app), <a title="DAVx⁵ e: CalDAV/CardDAV Synchronization" href="">DAVx⁵</a> (Dav Sync), <a title="F-Droid: Free Software App Repository for Android" href="">F-Droid</a> (Free Software App Repository for Android), <a title="Filezilla - The free FTP solution" href="">Filezilla</a> (FTP client), <a title="Mozilla: Firefox" href="">Firefox</a> (Browser), <a title="Giggity: Schedule viewer for conferences and other events" href="">Giggity</a> (Conference Scheduler), <a title="Gnome: Gnome 3" href="">Gnome</a> (GNU/Linux Desktop Environment), <a title="Geany" href="">Geany</a> (text editor), <a title="GIMP" href="">Gimp</a> (Image manipulation), <a title="GnuPG: The GNU Privacy Guard" href="">GnuPG</a> (Email encryption), <a href="">Gtimelog</a> (time tracking application), <a title="Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher" href="">Hugin</a> (Panorama photo stitcher), <a href="">Inkscape</a> (Vector graphics editor), <a title="Open Shot Video Editor" href="">OpenShot</a> (Video editor), <a title="K-9 Mail: Full-featured email client" href="">K-9</a> (Mobile Mail App), <a title="The Document Foundation: Libre Office" href="">Libre Office</a> (Free Office Suite), <a title="Mastalab: Multi-account client for Mastodon" href="">Mastalab</a> (Mastodon app), <a title="Mastodon: Social networking, back in your hands" href="">Mastodon</a> (distributed, federated FOSS social network), <a href="">Matomo</a> (Open Analytics Platform), <a title="Nextcloud: A safe home for all your data" href="">Nextcloud</a> (Your own cloud), <a title="OpenStreetMap" href="">Open Streetmap</a> (Free maps and navigation), <a href="">Osmand</a> (Open Streetmap Navigation App), <a title="RawTherapee" href="">RawTherapee</a> (Raw-image manipulation), <a href="">Scribus</a> (Publishing Tool), <a title="StreetComplete: OpenStreetMap surveyor app" href="">StreetComplete</a> (OpenStreetMap gamification), <a title="Mozilla: Thunderbird" href="">Thunderbird</a> (Email client), <a title="Tilda" href="">Tilda</a> (drop down terminal), <a title="Tranportr: Public Transport Companion" href="">Transportr</a> (Public Transport Companion), <a title="VLC Player" href="">VLC</a> (Video client), <a title="Wordpress" href="">Wordpress</a> (CMS), <a title="Zotero: Citation Software" href="">Zotero</a> (citation and literature management)</p>
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